The Angang Dong Group at Fudan University


Welcome to the Dong group!

We are interested in low-dimensional colloidal nanostructures, with a primary focus on monodisperse inorganic nanocrystals (NCs). With the presence of the surface-capping ligands, these colloidal NCs are versatile nanoscale building blocks for the bottom-up construction of mesoscopic and macroscopic superstructures with well-defined symmetry and geometry by self-assembly. Such NC-based superstructures and their carbonaceous derivatives may find wide applications in energy conversion and storage, catalysis, and optoelectronic devices.


  Research interests
  1. 1. Synthesis of monodisperse colloidal NCs
  2. 2. Self-assembly of NC superlattices
  3. 3. NC superlattices and their derivatives for energy applications
  Positions available
  MS., Ph.D., and postdoctoral positions are available. Please contact Dr. Angang Dong (agdong AT for details.

The Angang Dong Group @ Fudan University